The Forgiveness of the Father

June 15th, 2012 § 0 comments

I am not a perfect man.

I know many of you are underwhelmed by that statement…especially if you know me. However, that becomes abundantly clear to the person in the mirror when trying to raise two kids to love Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind.

Let me fill you in on my Raise the Risk moment with God tonight.

During our bedtime routine – which wasn’t so routine – I was looking like the father of the year. I was roaring like a lion at the kids, tickling them to the point of exhaustion, and even had them boarding the tooth brush train! Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a… Choo Choo!

Then came the most important part of the bed time routine – the reading of God’s word. Tonight’s passage? Luke 21.

Now tonight’s reading was not the most uplifting of all chapters in the Bible, but nonetheless, I made a commitment to read through the book of Luke with Emily three weeks ago, and I intend to keep it.

That’s when the wheels on our train began to come off.

Emily worked on my patience fidgeting and distracting herself repeatedly while having to be disciplined twice. Josh just sat and smiled on the floor soaking in his sister’s bad luck. He then tried pushing a couple of buttons of his own with me and was quick to comply after witnessing how it worked out for Emily. Then Emily started asking, “Why can’t I sit ¬†with Joshy,” over-dramatizing the ordeal and all the while I’m pulling my hair out in what is supposed to be the marquee moment of our bedtime routine. This wasn’t how I pictured it going tonight.

Parents, have you been there?

Bedtime comes and goes and I’m standing at the kitchen sink doing the dishes wondering how I could have done things differently to avoid such a catastrophe at the reading of God’s word.

Taken from Learning from the Master

I pray.

I Raise the Risk and ask something of God that I think is impossible. I ask Him to show Emily the importance of forgiveness and to be reconciled to me and to Him.

I get a glimpse of how the Father must feel with me at times.

It is a Raise the Risk moment for me because I am sure Emily has moved on to her babies’ bedtime routine of reading, singing, and changing clothes. I specifically asked God for something and now it was in His court to answer.

God was listening to two prayers in that moment. One from a dad whose heart was broken because he wants his daughter to learn about the forgiveness of God; the other from a four-year old girl who was asking for forgiveness and help to not suck her thumb.

Emily came out and said, “Daddy, please forgive me.”

I dropped to my knees, took my little girl in my arms, and said, “Sweetie, daddy’s already forgiven you. Do you know this is an answer to my prayers?” I explained what I was doing at the kitchen sink as she explained what she was doing in her bedroom.

And in that moment, a little girl experienced the forgiveness of the Father and a teary dad experienced the joy of the Father.

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